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Spirit Mountain Casino Buffet Hours and Prices

spirit mountain casino buffet hours and prices

Spirit Mountain Casino Buffet Hours and Prices

For a low-key way to enjoy the casino scene in Denver, Spirit Mountain offers regular and weekend parties at their beautiful banquet room. If you don’t want to play at the casino, you can still make your party the most memorable event of the evening. Here are some tips to help you plan your next dinner and casino party at Spirit Mountain.

First, you should get to know what Spirit Mountain’s buffet hours and prices are. They are Tuesday through Sunday, 6pm to 10pm, with special evenings on the weekends. Every buffet will also include appetizers, main course, drinks, desserts, and the drink menu for your party will be sold separately.

Once you know what each casino buffet consists of, you can begin to decide which attractions you will want to include in your party. They all have some of the best food on the Strip. The daily buffet also includes homemade pasta and an Italian sausage treat, but regular Las Vegas buffets will also include Las Vegas favorites like mac and cheese, and pizza. The Las Vegas Buffet has everything you want for a great tasting appetizer or side, but the Mac and Cheese also include cheeses that are healthy, so if you want to avoid fat from being a part of your meal, the Mac and Cheese are a great choice.

Not everyone will want to order their lasagna or spaghetti from the Las Vegas buffet; you can always get it delivered to your room. Spirit Mountain offers only the finest Italian ingredients, such as gourmet meats, cheeses, and vegetables that are prepared with love, and then handed out to guests. The pasta is topped with great ingredients such as mozzarella, garlic, and Rosemary, and the pasta is baked right in front of your eyes.

When you are feeling lazy, you can always stay home and just order the buffet online. It will cost you less than getting food delivered at the casino, but since there is no actual delivery at the casino, you will want to find out how long each item will be available for buffet before you make your party reservations. In the event you want to order food from the buffet, you will want to make sure you call ahead of time to make sure that the location is open for your party. Some locations will have buffet hours, while others will only be open during certain times.

For your casino fun at Spirit Mountain, you can bring your own table and chairs, or rent them for the evening. In the event you don’t have the space, there are other options for seating. You can also ask the hotel to put you up for the night. You can also get a cabana set or cot at the hotel to relax in, or you can have your entire party catered by the hotel.

Most of the casino buffet includes champagne and tequila, which are another great option for your evening. Since spirits have a lot of calories, you should try to go light on the alcohol if you plan on having a fun night out. Also, if you would like a different drink, there are many choices from which to choose. You can always get a Tonic, Champagne, or Sparkling Water drink when you are feeling particularly buzzed, or you can order a Sangria with sparkling wine.

As you can see, the casino buffet at Spirit Mountain in Las Vegas is one of the more affordable options for a buffet at a Las Vegas hotel. With this buffet, you can really have fun with your party and keep your costs down. Just make sure you have fun with your guests and your food, and you will have a fun time!